Slow Cooker Shredded Chicken

This shredded chicken is a go-to of mine when I'm prepping for my week. I don't add much seasoning to it when I do this, that way throughout the week I can add seasonings as I please. (In the past I would season each batch the same way, I would be eating the same flavored chicken every damn day and it would get old fast.) This way I can custom it to whatever I'm feeling each day. 


• 2 chicken breasts

• 1 cup of water

• One Lemon

• Salt and Pepper


• pour the cup of water into a crock pot
• place chicken in crock pot
• squeeze lemon over chicken
• salt and pepper to taste
Depending on how quickly you want the chicken ready will depend on your cook time
within 3-4 hours put the crock pot on high
• if you have 6-7 hours put the crock pot on low
After it has been your desired time, the chicken should shred apart very easily if you use two forks. 

Store the chicken as you please.