Getting my Rear in Gear for Beer


Do you like running? How about beer? Chances are you like one or the other, or like in my case, both! (Really enjoy both) On Saturday, November 12, two of my favorite hobbies came together for one great event. Colorado Brewery Running Series puts on 5k events at breweries all over Colorado, including Renegade Brewing Co, Denver Beer Co, Grandma’s House and more. When I found out that one landed close to me, I knew I had to attend. So, my roommate and I found ourselves at Jagged Mountain Brewery at 10:30am Saturday morning, no judgment needed.

From the get go you could tell that this was going to be a fun event, everyone was jazzed and ready to get the running and beer drinking started. Participants varied from first time runners to the “fab” 5-minute milers to the friendly four-legged. It was a beautiful morning and the perfect way to start a Saturday and give back to the awesome Denver community we all live in. 

The running series motto is to be active, have fun and give back, said cofounder Morgan Jappe. It’s amazing how easy it is to contribute and make a difference in our community.

Ten percent of all proceeds raised gives back to local community, totaling over $2000 for the events first season in Colorado, and over $30,000 nation wide since the launch, said Jappe.

With the animal loving community that Denver is, it was an easy choice for the founders to choose the Dumb Friends League as one of the main organizations that benefited from the proceeds since they are dedicated to end pet homelessness and animal suffering. The Park People and Denver Digs Trees are two of the many other local recipients.

Group of good friends enjoying their post-run beers. 

Group of good friends enjoying their post-run beers. 


Sharing the brewery experience is one of the main goals of this event, says Jappe. (Which makes sense since we started the race inside of Jagged Mountain Brewery.) The organizers like to keep the scale of the event down, meaning roads aren’t closed and intersections aren’t blocked, which will keep registration fees affordable, which means more free swag for all the participants. 

Back in April the opportunity to sign up for all nine events was presented and a group of individuals hopped on the chance to explore the different breweries of Denver.

A community of runners and beer lovers has grown from all these events where faces have become familiar and friendships created, said Jappe.

Neha Chawla is one of the few that fully committed and participated in every single event.

“It’s been a great experience,” said Chawla “I’m so glad that we decided to attend all of them.”

Chawla says being active is part of her life but doesn’t run much. However, she likes these 5k runs because you get to explore the city and everyone is so encouraging. She found out about the Colorado Running Series via Facebook, she said she was intrigued by the idea of running, checking out new breweries and the opportunity to be social.

I’m not sure if it’s because it was the final event of the season or because word spread like wildfire about the fun, but everyone seemed pleasantly surprised by the turnout. It’s the only even of all nine that actually sold out.

The Swag Man giving out some of the best Colorado Brewery Running Series ear.

The Swag Man giving out some of the best Colorado Brewery Running Series ear.

Connor and Betsy Ferguson attended five out of nine Colorado Brewery Running Series this season. 

Connor and Betsy Ferguson attended five out of nine Colorado Brewery Running Series this season. 


“We’ve been running and drinking all year long and this is the biggest crowd all season,” said Jappe.

Dynamic duo Connor and Betsy Ferguson joined in on the fun this year and attended five of the nine events.

“We moved to Colorado in August of 2015,” said Ferguson, “and when we heard about this event that incorporated beer and running we knew we wanted to be apart of it.”

This particular run seemed to be a hit amongst the participants, including myself, due to the course almost being a tour of the city. Since I’m new to the city this was actually a great opportunity for me to see another piece of what Denver has to offer. We passed several good-looking bars, restaurants, coffee shops, fitness centers and some great street art, probably all of my favorite things within a 3-mile radius.

“I liked the run a lot, it was a good opportunity to see what the neighborhood has been and what it’s becoming,” said Betsy.

Vendors that attended included Fit 36 and Newton sneakers. Before the run participants were able to enter raffles to win Colorado Brewery Running Series gear along with the chance to win a month long membership to Fit 36 and a pair of Newton sneakers.

The live music, vendors and raffles are probably part of what made this event so popular, said Chawla.

This season of the Colorado Brewery Running series has ended, but come March 2017 it will kick off again.

“I’m happy to put a button on 2016 and am looking forward to see how the series will develop even more next year,” says Jappen. “So many great running routes, so much excellent beer, so little time.”