Get It In


Dedicated to different kinds of workouts that you can squeeze in within 20 minutes. Everyone has 20 minutes to spare throughout the day to get a quick sweat in. Now, if you're like me, and sweat A LOT, a 20 minute workout may be more like 30 just due to the cool down where we need to take care of all those sparkles dripping from our skin, but that's ok. A quick towel wipe down, change of shirt and bra and we're on our way! 


Tabata Drills

Probably the most difficult but beneficial workouts one can do. Tabata drills hit all parts of your body, you may easily target one area, but I think the main goal of tabata is to work EVERYTHING out at once so you're whole body feels the pain, I mean greatness.

A single tabata drill only lasts 4 minutes. FOUR minutes, that's it! I like to combine four different drills with one minute rest periods in between making it a solid 20-minute workout.