Eating Right at Night

I work till 11pm at least four nights a week, it’s usually at Trader Joe’s, my most physically demanding job. I take my “lunch” around six or seven, so when 10 rolls around I find myself hungry (ok hangry). However, I know from personal experience and from different sources that the later you eat the more it will affect your fitness or weightless journey. Studies have shown that when you eat later in the night, you are more likely to eat more, which will affect your sleep, which then slows your metabolism which then causes weight gain. It’s a vicious cycle, I know.

So, when it comes to the days where I’m on my feet, moving until 11:30 at night I make smart exceptions when it comes to my late-night food.

First, I try to not eat anything other than protein and vegetables after 4pm. The key word here is “try” nobody is perfect and sometimes I need carbs or sugars to keep me going. So again, I try my best to be smart about what I put in my body past 4pm. Chicken and vegetables, carrots and hummus, avocado, or edamame are all examples of late snacks. These may be a bit difficult to eat on the move, but a quick 10-minute break will do the trick.

If I do choose to eat a sugar or carbs, it’s usually some sort of fruit or something in the nut family, or both! These kinds of snacks will provide protein and help me get through the rest of the shift. These options are a bit more convenient if you’re still running around at work while trying to fight your hunger.

The best way for me to make it through my long days is to simply be prepared. I pack plenty of snacks, meals and make sure to have my water near, that way when I get hungry I’m not empty handed.

My number one go-to late night snack are RX Bars. They’re all natural bars with only about 4-5 ingredients in them, depending on the flavor: egg whites, dates, almonds and cashews. That’s it. There is a variety of different flavors making it easier to settle any craving you may have.

It’s important that no matter what time it is, you listen to your body. If your body is telling you to eat, then you eat! Don’t deprive yourself because of the time, there are plenty of tasty and nutritious options you can turn to. 


- Turkey Bacon Wrapped Dates
- Mashed Sweet Potatoes
- Apple and Peanut/Almond Butter
- Hard Boiled Egg
- Avocado
- Greek Yogurt

Late Night Snack Ideas:

- RX Bars
- Kind Bars
- Chicken Breast
- Veggies of any kind
- Carrots/Cucumber and Hummus
- Almonds

The Effects Of Eating Poorly Late At Night:

- Spicy foods can cause discomfort and disturbed sleep
- Sugary foods can give you caffeine and cause you to stay up later or not get a good nights sleep
- Sugar late at night can also make you have trouble waking up in the morning. I always feel groggy and extremely tired when I wake up after a late night sugar binge
- Food will be digested during your sleeping hours, which may cause you to wake up multiple times in the night to use the restroom due to your body trying to rid of the waste products.